Frida Lind-Holm Mogensen









PhD Student, “Neuro-Immunology Group”

Department of Oncology

Scientific Interest

I am working on characterizing microglia programs and functions during DJ-1 deficiency, which is a genetic cause of Parkinson’s disease. To study this disease, we are using a DJ-1 KO mouse model, primary murine microglia, human cell lines and human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). One of the goals for the near future is to focus on human microglia in order to jump the translational gap between rodent and human models and investigate how they contribute to neurodegeneration. My main scientific interest is to understand our immune system in the brain and how neuro-inflammation affects our health and, specifically, how my favourite cell, the microglial cell, reacts in health and disease.

Professional Experience and Education

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in biology with a focus on cell biology from the University of Copenhagen in 2018.
During my studies I went to the University of Sydney and developed a special interest in immunology and continued to study a master’s degree in Immunology & Inflammation at the University of Copenhagen (2018-2020).
I did my Master’s project in the Nedergaard lab, Center for Translational Neuromedicine, about the effect of anesthesia and neuro-inflammation on the glymphatic system in rats using SPECT.
Next to my studies, I was teaching school and college students about climate change and worked in a Danish biotech company, Immudex, as a student assistant.


Before moving to Luxembourg, I loved to sail around Copenhagen, but as there is not much sea around here it is difficult to continue sailing. On the contrary, I have been lucky to find a team of expats to play football with in the local parks of Luxembourg and it is so much fun! I also like to run, dance, travel and of course spend time with my family and friends.