September 2021 - Aurélie abstract selected for oral presentation at the 16th annual EANO meeting

Talk title: “Allergic airway inflammation impacts tumor take and delays experimental Glioblastoma progression”

September 2021 - Master thesis defence - Ralph Urbano

"Macrophage activation and characterization of current microglia models to study brain diseases"

June 2021 - PhD thesis defence - Yolanda Pires-Afonso

“Tumour-associated microglia/macrophage heterogeneity in Glioblastoma"

May 2021 - Bachelor thesis defence - Rosanne van Hooijdonk

“Exploring the effect of TMZ and MGMT on the development of TAMs in Glioblastoma"

March 2021 - Original and review articles published in Frontiers

Elucidating Microglia Heterogeneity in Health & Disease

March 2021 - Relais pour la Vie